US Supreme Court hands down decision on DAPA

The 4-4 decision by the US Supreme Court today involving the DAPA immigration executive order by President Obama really broke my heart today. This was a decision that would allow over 4 million immigrants from around the world who have been here over 5 years and have abided by the rules and who are parents of US or permanent resident children to come out of the shadows and be a part of the American system. They would be able to get a three year temporary status so they could be issued a true social security number and get a true driver’s license. Today, their hopes were stomped on. While the Court did not issue an opinion, given it was not a majority opinion, the lower court’s injunction is still upheld. Given the limited time that Obama has in office, there is really nothing he can do to help the immigrants during his term.

The only hope that we have is to fire up the pro-immigrant advocates and do voter registration drives, hold rallies to pump up the base, and to be involved in the political election races. The result will be a Democratic majority in the House, the Senate, and Hillary Clinton in the Oval office. If this happens, then there will be enough votes to have once and for all a comprehensive immigration reform for all.


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