Jose Sanchez is the best Attorney I have used, with many years of using attorneys in my business practices and family matters.

He is excellent in explaining your choices of pathways in the immigration process and answering any questions you have concerning immigration.

He is an attorney that stays with you, responds quickly and appropriately, and is fair in both his charges for his services and the information he gives the immigration process.

In 2015 I went to the law office of Jose Sanchez with a friend who had heard about Jose’s expertise in the immigration process. She spoke fluent Spanish, and I did not, so thought she might be of help to me. I explained to Jose that I was engaged to marry a girl from Cartagena, Colombia and that I wanted to know the best route of immigration to the United States after our marriage. He explained in detail several routes, including the one he recommended, and answered all of my questions specifically with advice on his recommendations. I had been used to making all my decisions in life, and to tell the truth, felt somewhat overwhelmed at what was apparently involved in the immigration process. He made me feel like taking the challenge, as he gave me a step by step guide of everything we were supposed to do throughout the process, and over the next months I realized that he could quickly explain and help me with any part that I did not understand. He is an excellent listener and teacher. I also discovered that his staff were excellently trained and always willing to assist in every detail. They never were too busy to talk with me and give me assurance. Jose advised me from the first that I was taking the longer pathway, but the one he felt would be best for our situation. We thought it would take approximately 1.5 years. We were pleasantly surprised when my wife got her appointment with the U.S. Consulate in Bogata in 10 months. All of the things that Jose recommended were followed carefully by us, even getting married in Colombia. Jose found an attorney for me in Cartagena, where my wife lived, and he proved to be the best one could have chosen, assisting me numerous times in legal matters in that country and conferring with Jose regarding every detail. You might think by reading this that Jose was an expensive Attorney, but that is far from the truth. In fact, he is most reasonable and is worth far more than he charges. In January of this year, my wife entered the United States and we have been living happily together ever since. We are both Christians and attribute our success to the Lord; and by the same token, believe that the Lord picked Jose Sanchez to be our Attorney. For all that he has done for us, can not be measured in wealth. To us, he is an anointed member of our family that we hold Dear to Us.

George Camp

I am attorney Jose Sanchez. I have spent most of my life in Longview, and I am committed to helping East Texas residents and small businesses resolve their legal issues. My priorities as a lawyer are to work hard for my clients and do everything I can to help them find a positive resolution to their legal problems.

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